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What is the best way to get rid of Chloramines?

We have a 5 month old ibc system w/ 2 grow beds. We are currently using well water w/ a ph of 7.1 or so and a Kh of 0. Yes, 0. Have tried for several months to get this to work, but as you can imagine, the ph is all over the place.  I have tried over the last couple of weeks adding your Ph up (calcium and potassium carbonate), trying to get some Kh. Best I can do is a Kh of 1 or 2... then I have a ph of 7.3 which then drops to 6.6 in 24 hours. The tilapia are beginning to get a little sluggish and I feel sure the bouncy ph is the problem. Sooo... we may have to switch to city water (ugh). But it is full of chloramines (and still only has a Kh of 3). So what to do?? Help! How to get rid of the chloramines???????????

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Connie, I would suggest contacting Dee at Western Aquatics ( Dechlorinator H seems to handle the Chloramines fine--but she may well be able to assist you with your water issues.  Also Asorbic Acid (vitamin C) There's a link on my page where I buy it.  The acid and sunlight will convert Chloramine to Ammonia and Chlorine.  I use this method with my hydroponics without fear--but stick to the dechlorinator for my fish tanks.  Just paranoid I guess. 

You could use Reverse Osmosis, but you may need to add other nutrients as RO will strip out pretty much everything.

Robert, thanks so much for the info! I googled the Dechlorinator H and after reading about it, I ordered some. Should be here in about a week. I hope the fish survive waiting for it. Any suggestions to help them would be appreciated. Again, thank you. And the dog on your page is absolutely beautiful!!!

Thank you, but I'm not enough of a chemist to use RO water. Tried that several years ago w/ my aquarium and became greatly bumfuzzeled! Going to try some Dechlorinator D and see what happens. Thanks again!
Fred said:

You could use Reverse Osmosis, but you may need to add other nutrients as RO will strip out pretty much everything.

Connie,  I would suggest giving Dee a call.  Keep in mind she's in CO for timezone.  When my system went crazy, she was able to provide adivce, suggest some things I was able to find locally and do immediately to minimize loss, connect me directly with the scientists at ecological labs and get me products within two days or so.  If you can't tell, she's earned my loyalty as a customer.  I live in VA and buy my water treatments from CO.

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