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I love chives, but can't seem to get them to grow in my system.  I use a flood and drain with lava rocks.  My basil grows great, the tomatoes grow well, but I can't get the chives seeds to sprout.  Should I start them in seed trays first?  Do they prefer a different grow media?  Or should I just try try try again?  I've attempted 4 times so far.

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Hey!  Wouldn't you know, I figured it out.

what was the trick?

Well, I had a sneaking feeling that the seeds were just getting washed away, so I found a place here in town that has hydroponic supplies.  I picked up a netted pot and some coconut coir, thinking that it would prevent them from being washed and low and behold it worked!  So, now my water is tinted from the coir, but the fish don't mind it so I'm not worried.  I actually used some plastic shells that some mangoes I picked up came in and put some coir in them and have lettuce growing very well from that.  I might think of adding a constant flow with more netted pots with coir.

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