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Could use a little help here....

I plan to supplement chelated iron in my aquaponics as recommended by a commercial farm in my area.  It is supposed to help the lettuce plants.  My plan is Sequestar 13.2% chelate of iron.  Has anyone else used this?  I am concerned about the nitrogen addition to my system.  Don't want a big fish kill.

If I test the iron, my thinking is that I want to keep to 2-3 mg/l as is recommended by my commercial aquaponics friend.  His system is outstanding.

Thanks for your help.


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Don't use it. That's Fe-EDTA, which is not appropriate for aquaponics for a number of reasons
1) FeEDTA is only usable with pH levels below 6.5 ish.
2) FeEDTA prefers calcium to iron, so it will often drop the iron as precipitate and bind the calcium.

Look at Fe-DTPA or Fe-EDDHA

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