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I bought 5 channel catfish and 5 bluegill last Wednesday.  Previously I had 5 tetra and 1 algae eater.  I had one dead tetra per day severely eaten.  Now all the tetras are gone.  The algae eater died before I added it to the tank.

Today i noticed that the catfish are completely covered in white round dots.  It's on their fins and bodies.  I think it's ich.  The bluegill have a couple of spots.  I've been watching the fish a LOT because they're my first ones so I'm surprised at how quickly they've grown.

Water temp 72, I raised it tonight...

Ammonia .25  (my ammonia is always .25 I may be reading 0 as .25)

Nitrite 0

Nitrate 30

PH 8

Is ICH harmful to people? I'm not too squeamish about reaching into the fish tank to adjust things.

I'm debating whether or not to treat the fish.  Will salt kill seedlings?  As cruel as it sounds, I think I'd rather let the fish tough it out then lose three weeks worth of plant growth.  But if the salt is harmless to the plants it's worth a try.



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I went ahead and added 1 cup of salt last night.  One of the catfish was dead this morning.  I raised the temp also but my heater seems to be having trouble getting over 74.


3 - Dead Catfish

1 - Dead Blue Gill

I'm down to 3 Blue Gill

All fish died :( I guess I'll wait a few days and start again. Any advice?

BCP,   treat the entire system, ick has a way of staying around.  sorry..i understand your situation.


in the future, you can treat the fish prior to introduction into your system.  That would be my suggestion.  When you add new life into your system, issolate them and the water and watch them for a few days to see if they have any issues before putting them into your tank.



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