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Currently I have 4-10" channel catfish for sale. Great for pond stocking or aquaponics.  

* Prices 3-4" fish
10-20 ---------- $2.75
21-50 ---------- $2.25
51-100 -------- $2.00
100-400 ------ $1.50

*Prices for 4-6" fish
10-20 -------------- $3.25
21-50 ----------- $2.50
51-200 ----------$2.10
201-500 ---------$1.75

*Prices for 6-8" fish
10-20 ------------$3.50
20-50 ----------$3.00
51-200 --------$2.50
201-500 -------$2.25

*Prices for 8-10" fish
10-20 ---------$3.75
20-50 ---------$3.50
51-200 -------$3.00

*I am currently taking pre-orders for the month of October. This will be the last chance to get fish before the winter! The fish are in ponds and I will harvest once I get enough orders.

These fish come straight from the grower/raiser myself; which means they are handled very little and with care. I'm currently taking pre-orders for next harvest date. Once I have enough orders I will seine the pond. Please place orders in advance, the sooner you place your order the sooner you will get fish.

* Delivery by truck is $2.25/mile one way from my farm.

* I also do pond consulting of dirt ponds. Call me if you want your pond cleaned up and looking nice!

I've been spawning, raising, and delivering channel catfish for the last 7 years! Please call if you need my help. Thank you for the interest!

*Minimum order is 10 fish*

Ryan (916) 586-1191

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Do you do farm tours?

Currently I do not. I did do a couple school field trips for 3rd and 4th graders this year. Maybe it will be something I do in the future. I will continue to do school field trips out there.  BTW I need to mention my farm is located in Lincoln. 

Any more pics of your farm?


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