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Today I spent a lot of time removing old plumbing and cleaning up the Greenhouse. Getting ready for the tour.  I planted a bunch of Arugula in the 3" pots in the blue rafts from China. But most important I made some changes in the Vertigro flow system. After consulting the plumbing sculprist, I decided to make the 6 way valve flow to all of the Vertigro stacks. every other cycle.  So it flows 15 on and 15 off. Every other cycle on is to the Stacks and the other every other on is to the fish tank which SLO to the Aliflor gravel bed.  If you look carefully you can see the one pipe up with 3 valve connections plumbed to it. 

Next I will change the runs to the fish tank to go to the bottom and create some flow.

You can see a lot more of todays pics on my album.

2011 Greenhouse 

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Hey Cosmo, where did you get those blue rafts from China from and how much are they?


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