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Got my father-in-law to get to work. I caught 4 of the catfish from my pool and sent them to him to clean and eat. of course, i did call him before -hand and ask if he wanted some fresh fish.

got a call from the mother-in-law asking how FIL can skin them saying these were the toughest fish to skin he has seen in a long time. also said that their were alot of eggs in the fish. I thought catfish had to be a few years old to breed. I bought these as fingerlings last year.

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I'm going to harvest a couple of mine (black bullhead) soon, too. I have a little icefishing pole that will be perfect for the job. Have you posted any pics, Pat?

No pics... But I am going to have to harvest a bunch more before I. Make my order for mor fingerlings. I hate the idea of buying a few hundred fingerlings to have them be eaten.

I missed this month's window. Had to get the order in today for delivery next Friday. Last year. It was April before I got my first group and they did fine,

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