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 Hi everyone!

I need your help/advice as you can see in the pictures this small caterpillar destroying my plants. I started aquaponiocs in my backyard 7 months ago and Im always facing problem like this, My plants is not growing well or damaging.

Any advice or suggestions will be greatly appreciated!


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Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) is effective against larve / caterpillars and is used by organic growers. It is available in liquid form (Thuricide) or powder (Diple). It is a bacteria the produces proteins that are toxic to the bugs but not the fish. Alternatively, if your set up is small, you can just hand pick the bugs and feed them to the fish.

Thanks to your reply Jonathan. I have search all over the net and you right all I can do is handpick them and feed to the fish. I started doing yesterday and when I checked back this morning the status of my plants is much better compare to the previews day. Hoping I cant see this pest anymore on the following day :-) 

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