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Dear All,

our cucumber plant was growing very well, suddenly we say that the leaves of the plant are eaten from any small animal and the fruit are damage. After investigation we find out that small green caterpillar are destroy our plant. somebody help us to avoid that caterpillar.

Greetings from the Philippines


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I did the math on that one time...I think dumping 2 quarts of spinosad concentrate directly into my 600 gallon system all at once just about brings things to toxic levels for some fish.

You'd really have to go nuts with that overspray ;)

Vlad Jovanovic said:

I've used spinosad products in AP for a few years now with no problems. It's listed as 'slightly toxic' to fish. After reading the studies used to determine that...the LC50 numbers (median lethal concentration that will kill half the sample population), even for trout (a sensitive fish) were ridiculously high...30mg/L

We would never come anywhere even near that concentration in our system water...not even close. Even knocking over and spilling the contents of an entire bottle of commercially available spinosad concentrate (0.5%) directly into your'd be hard pressed to get close to that number (30ppm).

Typically, for foliar applications you would use 15ml of spinosad concentrate (0.5%) in one quart of water. I've poured that entire amount into a 40 Gallon FT with fingerlings in it. There were no noticeable behavioral changes. They were as frisky and as hungry as ever. So spinosad A&D is one of the things I use in AP without any worries.

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