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Does anyone have any experience with growing sprouts of any kind in their AP system?

I have a couple of small tanks of tilapia try/fingerlings in the corner of my garage. I've read that sprouts do better with minimal light and thought I might try to run the nutrients coming off this tank through a shallow grow bed filled with some form of bean.


Would this work just as well with no media in the GB?

Is the risk of contaminants too high?

This seems like this could be a low-space high-yield option, but I can find anyone writing about it. Maybe there's a reason for that.

Any feedback appreciated.

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At the stage when the seeds are grown to "sprouts", they for the most part are replying on the energy already contained within the seeds for their growth.  Added nutrients at this stage are not necessary, and really may create more maintenance issues (and health concerns for consumers) for you than the good the sprouts would present. 

  Most people just do sprouts with water.

  Fodder or shoots is another story.  Many people do fodder with just water, and some growing medium.  Some people use some kind of natural nutrient 'supplements.' 

  Growing sprouts for anything other than personal consumption brings in a lot of health regulations.  Growing shoots (or fodder) is a bit different in the regulation-department.

 You can grow a lot of sprouts or shoots/fodder in a small space if you go 'up' (stacked).  So yes, this can be a high-yield operation...but the ventilation, humidity, temp control needs, and other equipment can make it a high cost venture too.

  I am sure there are many doing this, and could offer some great input for you.....We grow shoots (lots) and make pesto.  We also grow fodder for animal feed.  So I do know it can be done. We grow sprouts, but only for animal food, and it is on a small scale right now. My best to you in this.

- Converse

I make pesto out of my basil. What shoots are you using to make pesto? Sounds interesting.

When you say fodder, do you mean for livestock? Do you know if fish like the sprouts? Given the amount of protein in many beans, this could be a low(er) cost feed option.

Thanks for the reply.

  Pea shoot pesto and also sunflower shoot pesto.

   Pea shoots and wheat and barley shoots for fodder for chickens, (other farm fowl) and pigs and fish...

  Hope this is helpful

- Converse

Yes, I've done some sprouting. Although you don't really need an aquaponic system. However, your flood and drain media beds seem to offer an ideal environment for sprouting....I tend to use sprouts in the unneeded gaps in my media beds. Sometimes there's a little plot where I haven't been able to plant anything, so I just sprout things there.

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