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I know its not a plant, just wondering if they would grow and if they might have an adverse effect on the rest of the system.


I have a dark corner in the fish shed that I am trying to figure what to do with.

Any plant suggestions?

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I don't think growing mushrooms in aquaponics would work (would stay too wet and they need rotting organic material as the media rather than gravel) but you probably could get a mushroom growing kit and use it in that dark corner of the aquaponics shed.  Travis Hughey is actually quite into growing mushrooms as I understand so he might be able to point you to some of the pertinent information to help you get started in mushroom growing.

Aquaponics is definitely not the best way to grow mushrooms. However, I'm sure you can set up a small "Myco-box" and grow them in that same space. It is extremely inexpensive, requires little maintenance, and can sustain itself forever once started. If you want some more information, I would gladly help you out. I've never grown portabella's but I've grown oyster mushrooms with great success.

Here's a link showing you the entire process once you have an oyster mushroom spawn:

You can either make your own spawn or order it online. Feel free to message me if you want more details.

Thanks for the info. I think I will wait for cooler weather before I jump on more projects. With so many varieties of mushrooms out there it is definitely on my to do list.

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