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Husband built huge system with 8,ooo gallons of water. (hoping to eventually help support us as his back is terrible and he is trying to find something he can do) He added bacteria to the system. There are only two fish in the system as the baby talapia we got are frys. I dump 20 percent of their water in the system every other day. Husband was in a hurry. Planted alot of lettuce. Now is there a way to keep these plants alive and healthy while waiting for our fish to grow- would maxicrop work??. Also can I cycle slowly by adding a little bit of fish at a time??? Or should I move the two big fish somewhere while I cycle with ammonia??? They are so happy I would like to leave them but I really want his plants to survive!!! The oldest ones are dying :( Thanks for any advice!!!!!!!!!! 

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Two fish in 8,000 gallons? Keep them in there and you will still probably have to cycle with ammonia. You want your ammonia levels maintained at about 4ppm while you cycle.

how long do i keep adding??? Is there anything else but maxicrop that I can use for the planst???

Maintain your levels at 4ppm until your system is cycled and you fill it up with more fish.

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