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I am newbie in aquaponic. I just started 3 months ago. I love to see the plants are growing good.

But what I didn't expect is the electricity cost that come from the water pump.

I use 1 water pump that is rated 320 Watt 7000l/h. And I average for 1 month .... the electricity cost is so high. Much more higher than the price of the vegetables that we plant.

Can anyone help me how to lower the wattage ? or should I buy new pumps with lower watt ? 

If I want to get a Solar Sun Powered water pump how much will it cost ? will it better choice  to run on Solar System ? How many Battery that we must have ? How big is the solar panel ?

surely there are too many question. 

hopefully that anyone in forum can help.


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Thank you Jonathan Kadish.

I probably have mistaken to choose gutters as my house media. I thougt that it would be cheap and works normaly. Next time when I build or upgrade I will make sure that my media house is quite deep. 

About the Egg Shells , I will try it in this weekend. 

thanks a lot

A magnetic drive pump would be much more efficient with electrical use.

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