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Happy Fathers Day all!

My AP IBC tote system has been working great for the past year, however(and these events may not be related), my breaker tripped last week and when I found it in the morning, got everything going again.  The water tested fine, fish seemed ok.  The next day I found these bugs and the day after wow, there were lots more and my tomato plants seemed a little wilted.  I covered the openings to the fish tank, sprayed a mild solution of organicide and saw little change the next day.  Sprayed again but there are still flies.  The tomatoes look fine and are ripening, the plants are turning more and more yellow.

Can anyone help me identify them and give me some advice on how to proceed?

Thanks for your help.

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Unfortunately, chloramines don't outgas easily and it can vary as to when it affects the fish since some are more tolerant than others. You need to filter out or add some chemicals to neutralize it. You can run your system without fish but you will need to regularly add ammonia and other supplements to grow decent plants.

Ping me on PM for more info on running with no fish.

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