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I watched several videos but cant follow them to well. I would love to use a solar charger and air pump. Can anyone help me to better understand it. Some drawings would be great. 

I need to pump from the bottom of a 5 ft pool and go 1015 ft above ground so total would be about 20 ft. I saw one video that said the air would pump higher if the air went down first? I plan to have a 3000 gallon pond.

Any help would be appreciated

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Hi Brian!

Sorry it was late when I wrote that. I should have written that rule of thumb for best efficiency with an airlift  is to have the air released 2 times deeper than you want to lift it. Sure you can get away with less but then you will have less water output or need a much more air. See Table 2 on Page 12 of Air-Lift History By Brian Sidney Johnson Louisiana State University for his findings.

Do you have a document that gives this information for geyser pumps? 

I believe they do.  All air lifts must release air below the surface of the water you wish to pump.  I haven't seen an exception to this.

Brian Rasco said:

The geyser style pumps do not need this submergence at all.

Yes all airlift style pumps including geyser style must have their water intake submerged to some extent. Attached is a chart for the Kondo geyser pump showing submergence ratio and efficiency. They show a ratio of up to 1/10 for the geyser ejection pump which uses an intake check valve. This is why this style is superior as long as you can stand the intermittent flow.

Also attached a chart showing a minimum submergence ratio for a traditional airlift pump of 1/1. Of course this ratio would be inefficient compared to one using a 1/2 ratio. The challenge here is to be able to get the water intake deep enough to get the lift height you need.

All this being said, It looks like the geyser ejector pump is the way to go.


Interesting that what they call a geyser ejection pump has been patent under the name pneumatic ejector pump. I see that this document dates back to June of 2014. Aquatic Ecosystems (Pentair) does not seem to carry any of these. The domain name for the email address given is for sale. 

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