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I'm fairly new to this, have run some smaller 250 gal systems from IBC's enlarged and moved fish to a 1000+ gal system with appx 150 sq ft of grow beds, rock & floats, trying to get "re-cycled" after adding more rock beds, have around 600-700 blue talapia, now appears to be infected with the camallanus worms? Finding small red worms in filter and rock bed... What to do now? From what I read this could be a major setback especially with a large system. And how and where does this parasite come from? I bought fingerlings, fish are now 4-8 "s ....HELP ! :-/ thx for any info...

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Are you sure you have Camallanus and not chironomidae (bloodworms)?  Are they observed on the fish or just in the stone/filter?

have not seen any worms "in the fish" so far, just filter & rock bed 

Look at this picture comparing camallanus on the left to the two picture of chironomidae (bloodworms) on the right.

Chironomidae are midge larva - they will eventually turn into little flys that generally harmless to plants fish or people.  You can see the body segments, head and mouthparts etc.  Camallanus is a nematode, a small non-segmented worm with no discernible body parts.  Not likely, but just to list all possibilities you could also have tubifex or California blackworms in your system, both of which are annelids - segmented worms (family includes earthworms).  They are often sold as live food for aquarium fish.  These would be beneficial int he system as they eat detritus.

Wow ! Thanks Scott! I will take a closer look at my worms! I pray they are not the camallanus! But by spot checking fish, have not seen any attached to them..., thanks again for the info!
Happy to report, best I can tell I have blood worms vs camallanus ! PTL !
We started prepping for our "in ground" tank today,will be ordering more fish as soon as we get them up and cycling...
Wrong pic! Here's my worm...
New tank prep

Thats a chironomid alright.  make good fish food too.  Nice set-up, looks like your making some progress!

thx for the help Scott, I had already began to plan how I was going to attack the camallanus, grateful to learn !

Scott Fonte said:

Thats a chironomid alright.  make good fish food too.  Nice set-up, looks like your making some progress!

FWIW, If you had cammalanus (and unless your operation is a commercial venture), what I would have recommended is to nuke the system with a veterinarian approved anti worming agent that is approved effective on nematode worms, then drain and let dry.  Nematodes can be nasty and persistent.  Glad you did not have to go that route!


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