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Hi everyone,

A close friend and I are going to be bicycling around the United States starting May 15th to some time in July, and we are going to be visiting aquaponic farms throughout the country, interviewing people and connecting with the aquaponics community.  We are going to create a documentary with the footage to spread the idea and would love to connect with anyone and everyone, from hobbyist to farmer.

If you would like to share your system and story with us, we would love to see and hear it!  We're trying to figure out our route to visit as many places as possible starting in the northwestern US, so please get in touch with me and see if we can meet up.

My email is:

Thanks for your interest,


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You should definitely plan on visiting the SE. Charleston SC has a growing aquaponic community.

Good to know, thank you!  I'll google for some places but do you have any specific groups to investigate?  It looks like our route is going through northern/mid-US and then when we hit the coast if we have some time left there were lots of spots in Florida as well, so it may be doable.

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