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Hello folks i'm a newbee here to this forum, but one thing i did want to share with all especially those in Northern California (Redding, Chico and around) was i just got off the phone with one of the head biologists at DFG in Redding....he stated that they will be posting very soon on there website the requirements to AquaPonics and the fish allowed...he stated that they will NOT be requiring a Permit to have any off these fish that you obtain in our area from a local fishery....BUT i brought up the question of trying to purchase these fish with out documentation from DFG stating that we may purchase these fish, he said that the only permit that maybe asked for was the permit to transport which was about 75.00 and of coarse the proper equipment to do so, after our phone call he was getting back on the phone to make sure this permit was required for sure....i'll check back when i get the word. He is working on getting this posted on the Dept of Fish and wildlife's website as soon as he can because he knows these questions are going to be more frequent!   GOOD NEWS 

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Update: I did contact Lassen Trout farm to see if they indeed sell to the public and yes they do with the proper permits, I informed them of my conversation with the biologist in Redding he was good with that!

I’m still waiting for a response on the permit to transport, LTF did quote me a price on the trout and they will rent containers for 50.00 that will accommodate up to 250 lbs of fish, everything needed to properly transport! That’s even more good news!

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