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So today, Chi, Miguel and my husband Jesus started building our AP system. Chi and Miguel drove over an hour to build this "Bunk Bed" system, because that's what the kiddos said it looks like. Chi introduced us to AquaPonics as a way to supplement our diet with fresh veggies and fish. Miguel did most of the construction while Chi farted around :) The whole family is excited to embark on this journey to better healthier living through AquaPonics!

Here are some pictures:


No one was injured in the making  of this system.


Coming along...


Jesus, my husband. Men look so sexy with power tools.


My daughter Yasmeen.


Miguel the carpenter extraordinaire on the left. And the kiddos Yasmeen, Israel and Ishmael.


Chi and his commanding finger.


More pictures to come as we progress...

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We are almost there...

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