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Building my first Aquaponic (personal) System in South Miami ...

I am a newbie and am just beginning to plan and learn about Aquaponics. Anyone else in the Miami area?

I have figured out my system design (using a 275 gallon tote), growing media (clay balls) and water pump equipment (solar fountain pump [500 LPH] with battery backup).

This forum is AWESOME and there are a lot of helpful people here. Can't wait to get started but I must do all of my homework first so I have a successful operation.



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Sounds great Bob! Can't wait to hear more about your solar water pump with battery backup. It sounds like your pump might be a bit small though, I'm using a 750 GPM pump with my IBC tote system, which is the recommended size if you are building an IBC tote CHOP system.

Russ, I think you meant 750 GPH right?  750 gallons per minute would be huge.

a 500 LPH pump probably only pumps that much at 0 head so as soon as you are pumping up 18-24 inches to lift the water up to the grow bed, you are probably not pumping nearly enough water for even a 50 gallon fish tank.

For an IBC tote system I would recommend between a 750-1000 gph pump.  The Quiet One 4000 might almost be overkill so the Quiet one 3000 might be more appropriate.  The numbers on the quiet one pumps are the aprox nominal liters per hour.

Hey Bob, I am in the Ft.Lauderdale area and am going to try a small first system made from an IBC tote. I read the auqaponics book, which I recommend to get a solid understanding of the entire cycle. I also recommend you search google for a free PDF called "The IBC's of aquaponics" which shows several aquaponics setups using IBC totes. 

My main concern for us down in south Florida is all the rain we get flooding an outdoor setup. Are you enclosing yours? If so, how? I've seen the plastic sheeting greenhouses, but a mild tropical storm would destroy that. Polycarbonate plastic is very expensive. 

And where did you find the solar water pump? Sound like it would work nicely for aeration of the fish tank. (essentially pumping the fishtank back into itself to cause splashing and bubble to increase dissolved oxygen.DO) 


Having to rethink the whole pumping method for my system since the advice of many is that my solar pump selection will be inadequate.

The rain issue in South Florida is a concern and no I have not figured that issue out yet Kelly, however I am thinking that rain will be good for the plants and if I devise a overflow provision I think it will be fine. Still need to consult the pros on this forum about that issue first. This forum is AWESOME.

My last advise is to do your homework and learn from those who have come before us in order to have a successful aquaponic system.


If you have have an extra tank to catch the overflow and save some of it, you will have nice water to top up with.

Your Right TCL, GPH...thanks for the clarification

TCLynx said:

Russ, I think you meant 750 GPH right?  750 gallons per minute would be huge.

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