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Has anyone built a system with a small diameter bell siphon?  I'm thinking of one with 1/2" or 3/4" stand pipe.

What's your experience with smaller siphons, what issues or adjustments did you make to be successful?

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The nice wood frame sounds good for the kitchen but I just propped one side against my basement wall and the other side I just put a 6" piece of Styrofoam against the middle of the bed and it works just fine. Nobody ever sees it anyway lol. I have a setup like you're talking about in my dining room with large goldfish and a wood bed on top. I should get some pics.
Jim Fisk said:

Hey Jeff, yes these little guys are a bit more of a challenge due to surface tension showing it's ugly head. I built this one for a customer and have sold a few now on eBay so I wanted it to be as easy as possible to tune in over as broad a spectrum of water flow as possible. It did take a bit of experimentation and I found the 3" tail that can be swung up and down to be a real asset.

Good advice on supporting the GB tray. Seemed alright during testing but I bet it will fatigue over time but a wood frame nicely stained and sealed should do the trick. I plan to get my set of wire shelves off the storage truck one of these days and plant a kitchen herb garden with some goldfish in the FT. We have the perfect double window in the kitchen. I just worry that the constant sound of running water will keep my wife running as well


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