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I went to teach in China for a week and came back to a devastated crop in the aquaponics. In Japan the weather has been unusually warm, black fly and green fly along with so many caterpillars ate most of the cabbages.. Any advice as to how to prevent this? I cannot get good bugs, as the use of pesticides in Japan is a major issue. I have started my bug hotel but it will take time for the guests to arrive as it is now cold this week in Japan. Is there any natural way of removing these bugs that will not hurt the fish??

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caterpillars can actually be dealt with fairly easily with a biological control called Bacillus Thurgensis.  There are many different kinds but I expect you should be able to find one labeled for controlling leaf eating caterpillars.  Here the common names are Dipel Dust (make sure it is the one with the Bacillus Thurgensis as the active ingredient) or Thuricide.

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