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Hi fellow Aquaponics people,

I am new to aquaponics, and have a system that was outside before it was setup inside to grow. I noticed that when I was dealing with a high PH issue, and was taking a closer look at the water, I say these little white bugs in the water, jumping around, swimming it seems.

So I took both a video and a picture. Bugs (below) ,and a larger one I can't post due to it's size Bugs In AP system that I have in a drop box online.

I then took a bunch of lava rocks out of the system until I had about 3 inches of water at the top of the cycle, cleaned out as much as I could over a few hours, then took the rocks outside, and spent an hour or so washing them down, until I saw no bugs in the water after I refilled the container.

Today, 48 hours later, I am once again noticing bugs. They look different, more like eggs are larva.

I am posting 1 video (the new bugs after the wash), and 1 picture. I hope someone can identify them and then let me know what I can do to get rid of them.

Who knew ecosystems were so touchy ;-)


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I think they're white water fleas

After a close look, they are not white water fleas... I can see no black line through the body like the pictures have. If you could see them, they are very very tiny, and transparent white only...

Thanks for the try though.. anyone else?


Egyhome said:

I think they're white water fleas

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