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Our PH levels dropped from well water of 8.2 over time to 6.4. I am now constantly buffering the water up to 6.8. When it drops to 6.4 I buffer it up to 6.8. The problem is that this process happens every 2 days and it is a pain. I need something that will help keep the level more consistent over a week or two if this is reasonable, Input would be great....

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Try adding some calcium carbonate to your system. It should buffer on its own as needed. As the PH goes up, more of it will be released into the system.

Sprinkle some shellgrit through your grow beds... or hang in a "sock" under a water return....


Not an instant fix... but will eventually self regulate... well as long as the grit takes to breakdown anyway...


pH 6.4 isn't a bad thing for an AP system... in fact quite the opposite...

What about if your PH is at 6.0 consistently. Should I then buffer up with calcium carbonate?

Better to use Hydrated Lime... Calcium Hydroxide... and alternate it with a Potassium buffer... like Potassium Hydroxide... or Pottasium BiCarbonate...

i like to add about 30% pea gravel or river rock, to your total media.

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