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  Anyone have any experience growing Bluegill?  In particular the hybrids or all-male batches?

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What are you feeding your Bluegill?  Where are you located?  I am in San Diego.  Any other suggestions for kids pay-to-fish ponds?  I thought of Bluegills first, but perhaps another fish would be better.

TCLynx said:

I've never really heard about growing out all male bluegill.  That is normally what people do with Tilapia.

I have a mixed bag of regular old bluegill in a tank in my back yard and some of them are over 12-14 ounces in less than a year of having them while others are still quite small.  (6 ounces is big enough to eat a bluegill.)

I've fished for them many days as both boy and man and bluegills are a fine fish to catch and to eat.  So long as they are biting, the kids with enjoy it.  They tend to bite morning and evening in my experience, which may not be best for pay to fish.  Whether some other fish would be better, I don't know.  I'm feeding aquamax 300 mostly because of a mix up - I ordered Aquamax 3000. 

Does anyone know where I could find a chart that compares the average weight of bluegill by month of age?

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