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I am in need of some bluegill, I currently have tilapia but keep losing them to low temps, and wanted to just put bluegill as they seem more temp tolerant. Is there anyone in the So. Cali. area that sells them, or will ship to so california. ?

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Do you intend to eat the fish?  If yes, catfish might be an option.  If not, you could consider goldfish or koi.  I've used bluegill for a few years, initially from a hatchery in Florida (I live in Florida), which I accidentally killed and later, wild-caught fish.  I haven't been all that pleased with them.  The batch of wild-caught fish have mostly died, one or two at a time over 2 1/2 years or so but I don't know why.   The largemouth bass I have in the tank is doing fine but he doesn't eat fish food so he's a bit of trouble to keep fed.  I also have one large catfish who isn't picky at all about what he eats.  I may just stock up on wild-caught catfish.  

good luck

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