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This is my 3rd attempt at basil on my AP system. 1st was purchased and the other 2 grown from seed. After a couple weeks this black spot infection seems to appear. It also happens on the ones I left in soil. I really love using fresh herbs from my system, and want to add basil to the mix!  Any ideas? 

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What is the best way to treat the affected plant. sounds like it is systemic, (if that is what it is....) Do you know what causes this mold. 

The best treatment is prevention. Keeping things less wet, humid and hot...regular spraying of your favorite fish safe anti fungal...
Like most oomycetic pathogens, there are more or less ever present and take advantage of of conditions (wet, humid etc...) to infect. Not really systematic as far as I'm aware, but you can check on that (most mildews are not) but can certainly cause entire crop losses to occur if the grower doesn't react...or doesn't improve hygiene/conditions.

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