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Bizarre..can anyone tell me why/how this fish died?

While feeding this morning, I noticed the fish didn't frenzy-feed as usual. When I checked for any dead ones, I found this one floating...with enlarged anal opening, and an empty body cavity. I have 2-3 large fish that escaped the harvest last fall...could they have literally sucked the life out of it?

Any ideas?

Thank you...

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I'm not sure about the other stuff, but the lack of feeding frenzy usually means they're stressed. Have you checked your waste levels recently?

No, not recently...but they're back to their regular eating habits. This week is a very hectic one, so hopefully, I can do some water tests this Saturday.

My water route goes through a swirl filter, then out to four grow beds (gravel). Very little sediment/solid waste returns to the big tank.

Thanks for your input Alex!

do you have any media on the bottom of you fish tank. if so check it for a parasite.

No. Planning on doing a major 'go over' tomorrow.

Well...ended up doing about a 50% water change and re-configuring the FT to GB water flow routing. So far, so are acting fairly normal again. Had some trouble with the bell syphons...all seems to be running good now.


Robert, if it had been some form of parasite, how would I check for that?

if you had media on the bottom of the fish tank you would have to sift it. but because you don't I would not worry about it. if you have any hiding places for the fish scoop them up with a butterfly net and visually look for them. the hole that was in the fish was pretty large, so I would expect that if there is a parasite you can see it with the naked eye.

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