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Looking for a good source for bio-filtration media. Was thinking bioballs in a net bag. Anyone have a good source for them? Or ones they like, what is your recommendation? I need about 10 gallons worth. Thanks for your help!


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try craigslist.. i've seen them quite often on ebay as well..

for filter "material" try polyester batting from a fabric store (same stuff that aquariums shops sell, for at least half the price at a fabric shop)

i've got a few of those round floor pads for buffing machines that i'm going to try out soon

Hi Jessica,

Try any of these stores they are pretty good with stocking and shipping, at the end it comes to who gives you the best bulk pricing.

Or Amazon has the Marineland Bio Balls - pack of 90 @ $4.70

Marineland PA11486 Canister Filter Bio-Balls PC 160-360, 90-BioBalls 

Hope this worked 


For my goldfish ponds I have been using the cheap dollar store variety of plastic dish scrubbers-much cheaper than bio balls.

I used a 55 gal. drum filled with lava rock for a few years on a koi pond and it worked well. It was far cheaper than bio-balls, although you may be able to find some used plastic media from an aquarium on Craigslist. The lava rock presents a small problem for aquaponics due to it's porous structure though, as it also facilitates denitrification in the anaerobic areas beneath the surface. In a fish only system this is an benefit but the loss of nitrogen is counter productive if your looking to provide nutrients for plant growth. I don't know if the nitrate losses would be substantial, but it's something to keep in mind about any porous media.

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