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Hi all,
Just checking has any one got good links for bio media to purchase online.
Any recommendations on which one is the best?
Thanks for any replies

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Are you looking for Kaldnes Media? They are the standard and are available widely.

Hi Jonathon,
Not really sure what I,m looking for apart from what the most economical way of doing a bio filter,as what I'm doing is all trial projects.
I am using a 50 gal drum as the filter. My research has shown me that depending on which filter media I use will make a huge difference in cost including shipping.
I'm currently setting up a nft system directly off the filter barrels from my tote tank.
I seen an interesting concept of using polyester screen sheets cut into little blocks which give approximate 500sqft of surface area per cubic foot.
I have to work this out today how much it would cost me to do a DIY on this.

Hi Gerry,

Can you share some details about this concept?

Hi Harold,
The idea was to use polyester screen sheets and cut them into little cubes.
These would act as the bio media for the bacteria to grow on in the bio filter barrel.
After getting a price of the sheets from my local pond supplier of 45 per two 2 x 4 sheets at 1" deep before sales duty, I've decided not to go with this.

Harold Sukhbir said:

Hi Gerry,

Can you share some details about this concept?

I think the issue you will have with say 1 centimeter cubes of screen material is that the bacteria will end up becoming a massive ball with very little surface area. One of the reasons the Kalnes design works so well is the the media bump into each other and shed the dead bacteria so you don't get a build-up. But hey... innovate all you can and try it!

Hi Gerry,

Yep, Jonathan is right when he says it'll clog quickly enough. If, however, you can design the filter to create water flow so that the media(in correct proportion) is in constant agitation........................

Jon Parr says he gets great results using cheap old bird netting. That is what I will be using shortly as I have a bunch of used netting. I will also be running an air stone in there just to assure no anaerobic bacteria set up housekeeping in there. Here is a dia of mine fwiw:

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