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Can anyone tell me what the bast values are for calcium and magnesium? My calcium value in my system is 170mg per liter. I don't have any deficiencies. Just want to know if  this is ok or that i have to raise it.

What are the best values for magnesium? Here in the Netherlands it is all about pioniering. Everything still has to be invented here. There are no shops where you can by everything you need to start aquaponics. Now i have a freshwater aquarium watertest but it only measures in color. Allthough the color says that i have enough magnesium in the system, i have a big magnesium deficiency. Last week i have put in some magnesiumsulfate but still don't see a lot of change. Only my plants that i have directly sown in the system are changing but the ones that come from earth still have the interveinal chlorosis en burned leaftips.

Is there a different way to find out how much magnesium i have in my system and do you know about a test that gives the mg/liter?

Thanks in advance.


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