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Will Beneficial Nematodes effect my red worm population or my fish?

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I read that they don't effect fish, humans or most animals, but may effect worms and insects including ladybugs and other friends. But there isn't good data yet on what effects if and when on worms. 

I had an outdoor worm bin a couple of years ago and let it go. Last year I sprayed my yard with nematodes not even thinking about the worms. Just in the past few day we have been working on our AP systems and doing a lot of digging. There are worms everywhere in the top 5 inches of dirt in my yard. Don't know what the research says but didn't seem to affect my worms.

Thanks Leisa. I just want to use them as organic pest control.

We used them for the first time last year and had not seen a flea until two days ago.  Seems like the ant population also was better.  We also didn't put them out until later than we should have but this year I'm getting a jump on getting them and going to pick up some tomorrow.  BTW, what side of town are you on?  We just met Alex today.  We live between Sea World and Fiesta Texas.  Leisa

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