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My beds are 12" Hydroton drained with Bell siphons.  The siphons work great but the Hydroton works it's way under the screen and then gets washed into the fish tank.   Once the Hydroton gets migrating it will lift the screen and then lots of Hydroton gets washed out.  I have to dig out around the screen, get all the Hydroton out of the siphon zone, replace the screen then carefully refill the Hydroton around the screen.  This is not only a royal pain but also disruptive to the plants in the grow bed.

So, my question really is - Is there a way I can safely anchor (glue) the PVC screen to the Rubbermaid "Structure Foam" stock tank that I use as a grow bed? 



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Put a bead of 100% silicone at the bottom of the media guard at least an hour before you fill the GB. That is how I solved the same problem 14 months ago.

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