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Bell siphon- how to slow down the breaking of the suction

I have a bell siphon system and it's working great. My root system is overtaking by piping and I need to slow down the bell siphon from breaking it's suction, so that more water can be emptied from the buckets. I have lowered the siphon point so that it siphons earlier, but I would still like to figure out how to slow down the breaking of the suction, does anyone have any ideas?



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Try adding a U-bend/water trap/reducer at the siphon outlet - this will keep air from entering the siphon from the outlet side - due to low flow/pressure difference when water nears bottom of siphon tank. 

It can then happen that the siphon will not break suction

- there are some nifty ideas on YT how to solve that using snorkel pipe with small reservoir to name one.- i.e.

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