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Hi, I'm assembling an aquaponics system using half-barrels and Affnan-style mini bell siphons (3/4" to 1-1/4" pipe).  I have read that each grow bed should cycle every 20 minutes, but my question is how fast should it drain when the autosiphon activates?  Phrased another way, what fraction of the 20 minute period is spent filling, and what fraction is spent draining?

Thanks for your help on this!

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Glad you asked the question Eric as I had the same question as well.  I just finished the plumbing on my IBC tote system.  We've been testing with water only.  No media in the beds yet.  One bed took 12 minutes to fill and 10 minutes to drain.  The other took 15 and 15.  It was getting late so stopped for the night.  I'm presuming when the grow beds are filled with media the times would be close to half of what they are now.


So, can you all help me & Eric (and many others I'm sure) with this?

Thanks everyone...

Then, the second question is:  How to change the drain rate?  And will these changes affect the starting and stopping of the siphon?

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