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I have had a system gong for about 6 months with my bell working just fine.  the last couple days I am just getting a trickle out of my bottom pipe if I put my hand over the end for 10 seconds the siphon will catch again but then the next time trickles again.  I have a media guard and have tried clearing roots but same problem.  Any Ideas on what is going wrong?

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Have you checked your in-flow rate?  Have you cleaned out your pipes?  I had noticed in my system after a couple months I had to keep increasing the flow rate on my inlet.  Once I cleaned out those pipes, everything went back to working just fine.

My pipes are clean but my pump is old it might not be pushing as hard now. I put a rubber house down my stand pipe and now it is cycling again but I think I have to upgrade my pump

make sure the water is coming into the bed at teh same rate it sounds like your pump intake is clogged.

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