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Hey Guys and Gals,

A quick background on me is three years fish keeping but more into planted and natural tanks.  Last year when I made my pond and biofilter I started to describe that I wanted to persue a career in using plants to filter water. Little did I know lots of things where already happening with that. Aquaponics!!


My question:

Beside keeping my small aquaculture things and researching going.  What can I do to start a community movement to create a community aquaponic garden, catering to the needs of the community. Helping the needy, educating the public, fund raising, and making an overall positive impact in our area and as all of you already doing this know make a positive impact on the world. Start at the town hall?

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Robin you have made me think as well. I have one experience that changed the way I looked at the world. I was serving in the navy and we made port in Hong Kong. This city was under british rule at the time. I headed on a tour and we went up on a hill to see the great nation of China. It was beautiful lush farm land at first glance. I noticed a massive fence 25 feet tall. I thought wow the Chinese really dont want anybody getting in there country. Good for them to be secure. Upon further examination I saw the top bobwire was actually facing in not out. It hit me like a ton of bricks. The Chinese were not fencing the enemies out they were fencing their own people in. Why? Just across that fence was a thriving capitalist society with plenty of food and industry. That did it for me. I saw this same thing in Germany and North Korea. Robin I  hav a client who is an American gal teaching English in China. Her contract is for 2 years. The utter filth and poverty is mind blowing. There is no wildlife with in any chinese people or urban areas. They eat everything including salamanders. They sleep in berths that are 6 foot long and stacked 5 high in factory housing. They have to pay for these regardless if they have a home or not. There is no hot water at The residences only at the factories. All bathing and washing laudry is at the factory by hand. You will see a massive uprising within 10 years similar to the middle east. The Chinese are just tolerant and gentle people but they have had enough. So in teaching kids minds as you do. If you lean to the left just make sure you teach both sides. It will stimulate them and make you a better teacher as well. Take care D

Robin said:


I am smiling at the project of finding a country for us to go eat lunch in.  What I am rejecting here is the sensibility that one economy is just and democratic, encourages competition and innovation and begins with a level playing-field, while the other is run by dictators, encourages innefficiancy and reliance on the state, and a state-imposed hierarchy.   I have a hard time accepting something that I think is an over-simplified and false dichotomy which in this country, privileges the hegemony of our own economic system.  I don't think capitalism is more 'real' because it is the system that has dominated our country since its colonial inception; there are plenty of examples of divergent economies world-wide and across history. Additionally, I question how well-off we are as a country. I like comparisons for examining our truths. The proverb you are referencing (give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day, teach him how to fish and he'll eat forever) I believe is a Chinese Proverb, and so  I offer a the example of China, with all its complexities, and at the bottom of the page, my sources for this conversation (The Economist- a somewhat centrist periodical, no?)  I don't think these conversations belong to academians. I think they belong to readers and doers like you and I. Thank you for your compliments and for engaging with me, it makes for good Sunday morning reading and thinking.


 The Economist- China's Economy

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