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where can a fella get good bean seeds ?...I have used burpee's last 2 plants .have good plants look great but no "Beans" not one ?can't figure it out ..I love string beans too .kinda pee "s ya off ..Hook

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I use Johnny's Seeds:  I planted direct into shale on July 19th and got my first four beans today.  They are great tasting and about 9" long.  I would be concerned about your Ph.  Should be below 6.8 I would think.  I'm still learning about water Ph...  You might want to reach out to: Dee is very knowledgable and has helped hook me up directly with the scientists at ecological labs.  I've found their microbe-lift and microbe-life products have helped me stabalize my system.  Nate Story (Bright Agrotech) has several youtube videos on Ph and chemical/plant nutrient balance as well.

its to bad we all cant live in the same place  lloll...


i always wondered if you can grow beans in the system.


Im a new guy and everything i know is in my head. have yet to do anything


my question to the vets is is it possible to live 100 percent off of aquaponics.


do the beans require special mediums.



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