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Hi all, I am in the process of designing a larger system based on Nelson & Pade/UVI but for now I had a Hydroponic dutch bucket system donated to me. I have a local restaurant interested in me producing basil for them and was wondering if I could get started with the Hydro system...

1.) all the basil I have see people growing were in DWR systems, is it ok to grow in a hydro media bed, continuous flow?

2.) So I can tell them what I could deliver....How many oz's are people getting from their basil plants per plant, and per cutting? I have read that you can expect 3-4 cuttings per plant spaced 8 inches apart. So I am guessing I might be able to grow 2-4 plants per bucket?

Thanks for your input!

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mine grows like a house on fire in media but i've ever weighed it.  it gets big and i cut it much and often.

Thanks! if you ever weigh it, I'd be curious what the average people are getting per plant,per cutting...

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