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Hey all.  This is my first post.  Here is a pic of my system. This really worked out great as the grow beds fully support themselves with no additional bracing.  Nice little system.  This pic is from about 3wks ago and since the growth has been pretty crazy.  I added two supplemental lights to the bed on the right as well.  I currently have about 40 gold fish (feeder) as canarys in the coal mine.  It's cycling now as the Amonnia and Nitrates disappear quick.  I used the Maxicrop to get it going and am still supplimenting with it. A cap or so a day.  I have 2 questions.

1 - What do you do for backup power.  Here in FL power surges are common and it trips the GFI extension I have.  I have seen backup aerators but they are either too small or run all the time.  I just want a backup power source.

2 - Where do you buy fish.  I want catfish as they are sturdy.


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Could be home, I don't know too many with operations that big that don't keep some one living on site

LOL... nobody actually lives there, it's not THAT big, and there's not even any water in there right now.  But when it's up and running we'll be pumping about 30,000 gph... about 30hp worth of motors for all the pumps, compressors, coolers; so the big generator won't even run the grow lights (just life support for the fish).

Well David, 30,000 gph is big enough (not some little backyard system)

And being that no one lives on site, all the more reason to have a good fail over backup for fish life support!

Good job and good luck once up and running.

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