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Any one raising Australian red claw crayfish in Florida? I can't seem to find much information on them.

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Many years ago I tried raising Red Claws in California, but it was a strictly an aquaculture venture and waste water was always an issue. Now that I have started aquaponics I will try again but I'm waiting for my tilapia to get a little larger--the crayfish will eat the small fry. I might just set up an additional tank.

A source for red claws that I have used in the past--and he shipped to CA without problems, is Stick Fin Fish Farms, in Elkton, FL.

Redclaw may require special permitting to grow them here in FL.  Creatures like these and the giant prawns need lots of area per creature so they need somewhat different methods than simple aquaponics with fish.  That said, many people will often raise a few craw fish in the sump but don't expect to raise huge numbers unless you have a huge space since they are territorial.

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