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Greetings my friends. If you have ever wondered why my focus on aquaponics is a little intense, the following article goes a long way to explain. As you read this, remember the United States imports at least 85% of its seafood. This is why our work in Aquaponics is critical and more than a hobby. (IMHO)

From Bloomberg: 

Asian Seafood Raised on Pig Feces Approved for U.S. Consumers

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Totally gross!!!  Surprising that there haven't been more illnesses caused.  I doubt the FDA checks every single solitary shipment into the US, maybe they do.... 

That the point. They can't. They don't have the staff. They check 5 to 10% if that.

Up till now I thought it was just for fun.  The yuck factor just changed my mind.  But if this is true, why aren't we all getting sick on shrimp and tilapia from the grocery store?  It also seems like the nitrite and ammonia levels would kill the animals in these ponds.

Bob, just a matter of time I suppose. This is nothing new unfortunately. Food and aquaculture scientists have been yelling about it for years. It is also part of the reason behind the successful effort to get seafood labeled as to point of origin a few years back.

Over the past 20 years we have lost nearly 85% of our seafood industry to overseas competition due to their low cost of production. If through food safety improvements and cost competitive and environmentally sustainable production technologies such as urban aquaponics we can win part of it back it is all for the better. Nothing is simple however. Here is an article from Time Magazine called "End of the Line" that tells a good part of the story.

Gee Thanks, I will never be able to eat seafood that I haven't raised again.  Ya know, ignorance is bliss.

Ditto Scott, definitely have that yucky taste in my mouth just thinking about it....  Wondering what country we import from that has a 'good' to 'great' cleanliness rating...

The cool thing is that we have the ability to DO something about it. Now.

I totally agree, and I'm psyched!!

Here is another link, mostly about China and Vietnam I got this info from Pacific Fishing Magazine.

You should never buy any food products from China, most pollock are caught in Alaska, but fillets are

processed in China, and shipped back to the USA.

Pacific Fishing Magazine.


Not seeing the info/article about China and Vietnam in the Pacific Fishing Magazine I just missing it?

Sorry Chris, seems they change the cover links every day.

@Gary....thanks, that's good to know.


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