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I've been trying to find the fittings that go through the wall of the tank that you can slide a 1 inch PVC pipe through. I could get by with two of those and one for a 2 inch PVC.  You can see them in action 33-34 min into the "1st 90 days" CD.  Murray refers to them as "fish tank outlets".


All the local repair and hardware stores think I'm nuts because "what are you using it for again?"  I think Murray has them as part of a plumbing kit out of Australia, but really, there have to be some somewhere in the US.


Any suggestions will be appreciated. 

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For uniseals two inches and larger I get them started by making a "press" with all thread or a pipe style bar clamp and a two inch piece of a larger pipe. I still have to bevel and smooth the end of the pipe going into the uniseal.  This only works well if the pipe you are inserting is less than 3 or 4 feet long. I started doing this after much swearing, sweat and frustration.

  The smaller uniseals are usually pretty easy.

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