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Are there markings on Styrofoam to indicate safety in a System?

I have  a 200 watt submersible pump with a "do not submerge below this line" warning. was thinking a small raft could keep it above water in my food/drain.  My air conditioner has a styrofoam tray I was considering cutting a block off.  the tray has "PS 06" recycling symbol on it. Do you think it would be safe to put in the tank?  I have bluegill & catfish

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A submersible pump should be able to be located completely underwater.  Not sure what you mean by "do not submerge below this line".  

Thats what I thought, until I noticed these water markers on the glass element just below the temperature control

The "PS-06" marking is just the SPI resin identification code (for polystyrene). It should be just as safe or un-safe as any other piece expanded polystyrene.


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