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My little sister is getting married in about 2 months.  She wants a small pond with koi at the reception, and I have the honor of getting the koi afterwards.  I've been looking into aquaponics for a while now, and I think I understand the basics.


I've tried looking around the forum, but I haven't found a thread that answers my big question/questions: What do I need to do for the Koi?  I'm having a hard time finding complete information on their care.  Does anybody have any recommendations as far as tank size, water temperature, what feed to use, feeding schedule, etc., so on, and so forth?


And if Koi are a bad choice for aquaponics, does anybody know where I can rent Koi?



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My understanding is that Koi are actually pretty easy fish to keep and that they would be great for aquaponics.  They can get quite big though so you want something of appropriate size to keep them in.  For really specific info on Koi there are probably plenty of Koi and pond forums you could search out on the internet.  I know people can get really elaborate keeping koi (breeding and showing.)


I don't know where one would find a place to rent koi but I would probably start with an internet search and see if there are any koi clubs in your area.  Large pretty koi can get rather $$.  However, if one isn't a breeder or set on them needing to be Koi, have you thought of large goldfish (pretty carp?)


Thanks for the reply, TC.

This is the closest thing I've found to a size guide on the internets: My sister only wants two fish (a "Bride and Groom" representation), and I'm hoping she doesn't want them too large. I don't have too much space to get very elaborate with an AP system, so 50 to 75 gallons is about as big as I can go on a fish tank. That should be enough for two 8" Koi. At least, for now.

I think the "Koi rental" idea was the result of some sort of odd brainstorming. It doesn't seem to exist, and it would be a bit weird if there actually was something like that.

If it were up to me, I would get any type of pretty fish and call it good. But my sister really wants a mini Koi pond.
Well if you have any Koi enthusiasts in your area (or where ever the wedding is going to be) you might be able to talk some one into being "paid" to show their koi at your sister's wedding. They might even be good ones to set up the "koi pond" for the wedding for you.  Start calling around to all the water plant places, pond places, and anyone who sells koi as well as any clubs for koi in your area to see if you can find some one to hire for the gig and to display their fish.  I have no idea how much they are likely to charge though.

I would call around privately owned Tropical fish stores and they would / could point you in the right direction.

They usually now their repeating customers and building relations with them.

Around here, some of those fish stores are ""renting "" fish tank,equipment and fish to seafood restaurants and chinese food restaurants in exchange of their name and phone # on the tank.

There might be some koi clubs in your area you could get in contact with.

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