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It seems that the length it takes to grow the fish, is longer than I have good weather available.  I also see that most tilapia for sale are small...  (1/2" or so). 

A work around to minimize heating costs for fish tank might be for me to buy small fish in the winter, and put them into an aquarium in the house where the temperature is easier to maintain.

IF this is a possible solution... could anyone guess about how big an aquarium it would take in the house to raise 50 little Tilapia from 1/2" or so until they're maybe 3"-4" long ??

Or is this a terrible plan altogether in anyone's opinion??

Thanks Much



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 I did something similiar with O.aureus Blue Tilapia my first year. I had 30 fingerlings in Jan. and overwintered them indoors until june when they went outside and brought them in Sept. 2010 at which point they where 5-8 inches in length. You will need to replicate optimum growth conditions. This includes type of feed, temp, pH, ammonia, nitrate and nitrate levels. You can help faclitate this with filtration and/or growbeds. My tank sizes are 100 and 150 gallons. Now I grow indoors and still have to add heat in the winter but not as much as I would require outdoors. Another note is that the colder end of their tolerance will slow down the growth rate.

Hi Kenneth

Thanks for responding.  So 150 gallon tank you think would handle 50 tiny guys for maybe 5 months??

Or did you need both the 100 gallon and the 150 gallon tanks just to handle the 30 fish?




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