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I know that we have tried to get some sort of Aquaponic system tour organized with not much success. Phoenix is a big place along with Mesa, Scottsdale and everything else. I have seen quite a few systems that people in this group have created. It always seems I learn something from others so Im asking everyone if your willing to show me your system please contact me, I dont care where you anywhere in Arizona!

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The reason why I wanted to do the group hugs, was to see everyone's system and meet our group.  Now it sounds like I'll have to stay at my house to wait for visitors?  Great, I guess I don't get to see everyone's system like I was hoping - I may just take myself off the list of systems to be viewed, because I want to meet everyone, and I'll just do the tour to meet everyone.....

One way to meet everyone is to plan monthly meetings as does the local pond society. They go from home to home, have a small program with a speaker, some refreshments and allow the owner to discuss their pond. Its actually quite nice, provides a lot of information and allows the building of friendships and collaborations (hugs).

The second alternative is to just cancel the tour and then do it anyway amongst friends/group members (hugs).

Woa Woa Woa Matt, I got us into this and I am going to fix it. Everything is just like it was with warm hugs and togetherness, we are meeting at Jim Troyers house first. Us AP people will ride together and see all the systems, period. Everyone else will have to be rescheduled. Im sorry but now I know that what we do is in demand! 

How many systems?

We start at Jim T house, then to Matts, then to Sheri's, then to you, then to Stepanie, then to Roberts, ending to me. I thought there was ten but maybe I need some help.

Six is a good number for a tour, David. If you count an average of 1/2 hour at each stop, plus 20 minutes between, and then a BBQ after, you're talking an all-day event. That would make a wonderful, and very full, day.

I'm fine with us hitting each location on a schedule and as a group, but if the tour is open to the community, I would not feel comfortable having our site on the tour without someone being here throughout the day. I don't think you can coordinate a community tour on a time-slot schedule.

That said, we, too, would feel it best to pull our site from the tour so that we could see others' systems. I would really appreciate it if this day were reserved for the Group Hug tour among us, and another date were selected for a community tour. Then we could put our efforts into a quality tour that would reach many people.

An addendum to my last message...I surely hope it didn't sound like a "my way or the highway" ultimatum! Dr. George asked me privately why we would consider pulling out, which is a very reasonable question. We haven't pulled out yet, and won't the tour is a casual aquapon tour, but there's a big difference in energy required to go from that to a community tour, and with all we're doing to get our business off the ground, we know our limits. We see great value to serving the community, and also see the value of an aquapon-only tour. So, with that said, we'll wait to see what the final plans are. :)

I like the idea of doing the small group tour first and then doing a bigger community one later. I think it'd help to get to see everyone else's first so that way in the bigger tour if people have questions regarding this system vs that system they'll be easier to answer.

Re Aquaponics Tour

I am caretaker for my wife and not free to wander off for the day. I have seen Jim Troyer's, Larry,and Sherrie's systems and look forward to visiting with the rest of you . For this project, count me in for a visit site, but I have no idea if I will be available to tour.

Okay now, everybody take a deep breath...   Ahhhh...that's better

As I see it, we are still on for a group hug tour.   Yea!

If we don't tell anyone off this site the actual physical address, we don't

have to worry about a rush of people through our properties.  (right David?)

That said,  these are the original systems offered and the order we figured would work best

if you are not on here and want to be please send me a message:

  [system # / start time / cross streets / distance & traveling time from last sys]  (thanks Google maps)

  1. Start at my system (Jim Troyer) in Scottsdale - Pima Freeway (101) & Chaparral Exit - 11:00
  2. Matt  - Scottsdale - Pima Freeway & Chaparral Exit  - 11:45  (0.5 miles - 3 min.)
  3. Sheri and Bob's in Gilbert  - 12:45  - Greenfield Rd and Superstition Freeway (US 60) (17 miles - 19 min.)
  4. Stephanie - 1:45   16th St and Baseline Rd (18 miles - 21 min.)
  5. Dr. Brooks - 2:45  Central and Baseline Rd (1.5 miles - 5 min.)
  6. John Malone - 3:45  7th Ave and Union Hills Rd (24 miles - 32 min.)
  7. Robert Rowe - 4:45 Cave Creek and Peoria Ave (6.4 miles - 12 min.)
  8. David for the BBQ!  - 5:45  Tatum and Lincoln  (32nd St and Glendale Ave)  (9 miles - 16 min.)

If this is not

good for you,

please let me

know!  Either

here or on a

private message.

You are important

to us!  We want

YOU to be happy

and to participate. 

thank you very

much for your




Interesting. I'm not quite sure which system will use but the addresses are 911 W. Baseline (Valley View Community Orchard Learning Center) or home (14th and Baseline.). Both meeting the timing criteria however. Stephanie, I did not realize you lived so close. Good job JIm.

Hey thanks Jim for your help in smoothing over my stupid bumps. Because this is going to be our first official tour since the beginning- Nov. 11'. Im hoping this can happen so we can grow closer into this exciting fish/plant adventure!


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