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I know that we have tried to get some sort of Aquaponic system tour organized with not much success. Phoenix is a big place along with Mesa, Scottsdale and everything else. I have seen quite a few systems that people in this group have created. It always seems I learn something from others so Im asking everyone if your willing to show me your system please contact me, I dont care where you anywhere in Arizona!

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I have a vehicle that can hold 8 which means we can do this tour with two or three vehicles?

Great map, Jim!  Dang, why do y'all live so far to the west and north? LOL!

David, what do you want us to bring to the BBQ?

And, is there an easy way to do a head count? 

I think it would be easier if I just do all the food and beverage because you transporting your food items all around town in the May heat may be a problem. I wasnt going to do a bbq, I was going to get some healthy sandwiches from Sprouts and iced tea. Now that I think about it, people from their gardens could bring some veggies in a bag for dipping. I will then put out a food donations jar, done!

I have to say I want to invite a few people Im working closely with doing school gardens.

Oh, we gotta BBQ! even if it's simple hot dogs!  those will stay healthy in a ice chest.  I'll contribute to the meat!  

I was planning on bringing an ice chest with personal beverages for the tour and 'tater salad for the BBQ. 

David don't forget, I'm planning on riding with you.

Happy Easter everyone!

Dr. Brooks, it looks like we're practically neighbors. :-D

The route looks good. Sounds like we'll get  to go all over the valley.

As far as head count goes put me down for two. Me and my other half.


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