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I know that we have tried to get some sort of Aquaponic system tour organized with not much success. Phoenix is a big place along with Mesa, Scottsdale and everything else. I have seen quite a few systems that people in this group have created. It always seems I learn something from others so Im asking everyone if your willing to show me your system please contact me, I dont care where you anywhere in Arizona!

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Hi All!

Well, it looks like we have a trend towards group hugs. 

I like hugs anyway I can get them being a single guy (hint) and I'm up for either A or B. 

I do understand and agree with the "see other systems" sentiment however, as we would each learn more about our craft.

If we are doing the Group Hug; how about a pot luck bar-b-q at the last stop?

The host would provide the grill/burgers/chips and the visitors would chip in a few bucks for said burgers and chips. 

BYOBevs and a side dish.

Anyone interested in hosting?

Dave, I'll ride with you if you are willing to drive (maybe my neighbors Matt and Chris can join us in the car pool)

Sounds like fun any way it works out!


I already volunteered in the beginning for a bite after, damn it Jim.

Sorry I missed that David! 

So David wants to have the bbq at his house!  

He lives near Lincoln and Tatum on the Phoenix / Paradise Valley border.

Many people don't know those cross streets, so it's near what would be 44th st and Glendale Ave (about 7000 north). 

Does that work for most everybody?   Or does someone what to duke it out it with David?      

This is coming together pretty well, thanks for stepping up everyone! 

If you are planning to attend, email David. 

If you want your system on the tour, email David so we can set up the route and tour times.

Stay tuned!


Thats more like it, bowing to me is appreciated! Its all good and yes things are working like a real group should. Hopefully everyone here can get their info to me by April 15th, taxes and the tour deadline. 

Is it possible for myself to get a few more mosquito fish from you? I still have the ones you gave me last year, the only problem is I cant distinguished them from the tilapia. 

I live on Tatum just north of Lincoln in a gated community- Clearwater Hills.

@ David

My mosquito fish population took quite a hit this winter but I'm sure there will be a few new ones by then.  Mosquito fish don't get much bigger than 2" long, tilapia get taller by then and keep growing. 

I was talking with my mentor of the Master Gardener class I'm taking about our tour May 5. He said he would like to go and he also works at the Sprouts deli and suggested I get something there for our party food. Not sure what exactly that would be but you will be the first to know.

This tour thing is getting a little out of hand, we have us here but then... 

I thought it would be nice to make a meetup about it so there is 15 more. I also mentioned it to my APLD group and a few want to go from there. I briefly talked about it to my mentors and now they want to go. I dont mind inviting all these people but there are issues we have to deal with like parking, driving, food and beverage, my grandmothers house in a gated community. I did think we need to charge these other people like 5 or 10 dollars. So I was up half the night thinking what to do, before anything happens I need to know what you main people think?

Hmmm, well, this shows the need for a community tour, but it definitely changes the dynamics of the group tour. The issue isn't just with food & parking. When you get that many people seeing a system, it's hard to keep it to a reasonable time limit for each stop, so all the logistics change.

I believe the intent of the group hug tour is to build our smaller community on a more casual level, sharing common experiences, creative ideas, etc. I think we need to decide if this is a group hug tour or a community tour, and treat it as such.

I think we need to take a different approach on the "Aquaponics System Visit"

The logistics are demanding and the potential hook-up are minimal, as discussed so far.

I propose we take a poll of the Aquaponic Systems Community to see who might be willing to take the time and make the effort to share their experiances in a more formal process.

If willing contributors/participants would fill out an in depth profile, including Geo loc, type/types of system, Size of system, Commercial/Hobby/Sustainability or other driving force, etc. I think we could build on the efforts of Sylvia and the other active Hydropons in the community.

So back to A? For example, the Tucson model is simple and effectively dealt with crowd size, time and scheduling. Most importantly it is an established model that works. Just sayin'.

I think George is right, why reinvent the wheel, lets do what is proven to work. This is my fault group hug people, who knew a tour would be so popular? I still want to have an ending party at my house, just for my AP family and a few close friends.

Are you planning to have people go at their own pace with a list of locations, or will each location still have a window of time?


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