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Hi everyone,

I am conducting research for my Master's in Coastal and Marine Management at the University of Akureyri (University Centre of the Westfjords:, Iceland. My thesis is about the state of the aquaponics industry and its potential for improving the sustainability of aquaculture and the management of coastal resources. I have created a survey (10 questions) designed to find out how people participate in the aquaponics community, and to gather some opinions about where aquaponics is heading. This is not a commercial request or any sort of advertisement (and I am not a computer, I promise)!

I would love to have lots of responses, so if you have time, please follow this link, and feel free to pass it on to your other networks:

Other than that, I hope to start my own small aquaponics garden soon, so I may be back asking technical questions at some point!


Iona Flett

CMM Master's Candidate

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Safe link. Good survey. Hope it helps you out.

Wow, great survey! Hopefully you get the information you are looking for!

Thanks guys, you're very kind...I have quite a few responses now with some thoughtful comments, which is really helpful. If anyone else would like to respond though, there is still time!

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